An Expanding Franchise

barStanding the Test of Time

Thank you for your interest in Shield’s franchise opportunities. We are licensed to offer full-service and carry out franchises in the state of Michigan. Shield’s has withstood the test of time to become one of Metro Detroit’s landmark names and tastes. Shield’s Restaurant Bar and Pizzeria has been serving award-winning pizzas, salads and more for decades and has been a popular destination for generations of Midwesterners.

Years of Experience and Hard Work

Paul Andoni brings more than 25 years of restaurant experience to Shield’s Franchise Restaurants  LLC. He began working for family-owned restaurants while a young boy and progressed to become the operator for the restaurants. Andoni earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Michigan. He became the General Manager and Director of Operations of Shield’s of Troy in 1988; in early 1992 he and his brother Peter purchased Shield’s.

Peter Andoni brings more than 21 years of restaurant experience to Shield’s Franchise Restaurants, LLC. He, also worked in family-owned restaurants while a young boy and progressed to become the operator of those restaurants. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Marketing from Michigan State University and was the General Manager and Director of Operations for Andoni’s Family Restaurant in Dearborn from 1993 through 1998. In January, 1999, he took on the same title with Shield’s of Dearborn. In early 1992, he and his brother Paul purchased Shield’s.

Great Food, Reasonable Prices

In early 1992, Shield’s Restaurants was purchased by Paul and Peter Andoni who expanded and updated the menu to cater to a wider variety of customers. In addition to pizzas and salads, Shield’s now features great ribs, healthy sandwiches, pastas and more. The reason for Shield’s success has remained constant throughout the years – our commitment to offering high quality foods at reasonable prices in a light-hearted, family atmosphere.

A Tradition of Success

Shield’s is looking for motivated individuals interested in continuing this tradition as owners and operators of franchised locations. What’s it like to be a Shield’s franchisee? From the beginning, we are closely involved with you, providing support we deem necessary for your success based upon decades of industry experience.

Shield’s Concept and Products

As a franchisee, you have the right to use the Shield’s name, logo and time-proven recipes. For over 65 years, Shield’s customers have come to associate Shield’s with friendly service and quality, award-winning food at affordable prices.

Site Selection

We will assist you in investigating potential market areas and specific sites for your full-service or carry-out franchise.

Design and Construction

We will assist you in designing the kitchen and dining room areas of your franchise. We also maintain a list of construction and supply industry professionals experienced with Shield’s restaurants projects which is made available to franchisees during the design and construction phases.


Central to the success of Shield’s restaurants is our ability to provide consistency in food presentation and customer service. To achieve that end, we provide a comprehensive training program for franchisees including pre-opening training at existing Shield’s locations and on-site training at your franchise location after opening. We provide training materials to the franchisee for use by everyone from the general manager to the bus and dish personnel.


As a franchisee, your franchise becomes part of our corporate advertising portfolio which may consist of a combination of direct mail, radio, television and print. In addition, we will assist you in establishing a presence in your area through community-related marketing efforts, including team sponsorships and charitable involvement.

Shield’s Franchise Sales Process

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